the WIRED autocomplete interview

Jamie Dornan & Elizabeth Alton Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions

Elizabeth: He's Jamie Dornan.
Jamie: She's Elizabeth Alton.
E: And we are doing the WIRED autocomplete interview.

Autocomplete suggests the most
common searches on the internet

J: Ladies first.
E: So does that mean my questions, or that I read your questions?

So WIRED asked the cast of A Private War
some of the internet's burning questions

J: Does Elizabeth Alton... have siblings?
E: I have one, I have an older brother called Oliver.
J: He's a very nice fellow, I've met him.
E: He likes you.
J: Who... Elizabeth Alton end up with Love Actually? That doesn't make sense.
E: Well who do I end up with in Love Actually? Is that it?
J: It's Chiwetel, isn't it?
E: Yeah, it's Chiwetel Ejiofor. I have great taste, sorry Andrew Lincoln.

E: Is Elizabeth Alton friends with... friends with who?
J: With anybody?
E: No. No, haven't got any friends. Friends with...
J: Ah, friends with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle?
E: Who are they?
J: Nobody you'd know, love, it's alright. Is Elizabeth Alton... ah, this is related, is Elizabeth Alton royalty?
E: Er, no.
J: You are to me.
E: Aw, thanks.

E: Does Jamie Dornan... have a baby?
J: Yes, I have two babies, in fact! And one on the way.
E: And they're bloody cute, as well.
J: And we like making 'em.

J: Did Elizabeth Alton... win an Oscar?
E: No, no. One nomination, no Oscars.
J: Did Elizabeth Alton... go to college?
E: I did, I studied Classics.