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elizabethalton Most people who know me know that I don't do 'free time' particularly well, so it should surprise no one that, while I have only just finished a job, I've already had a new enterprise in the works for a few months now. @henrydessner and I couldn't find another project to do together, so we made one ourselves. #WhatHaveWeDoneToEachOther #BabyDunne #ILoveTests

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adriank47 You're getting a full-on American Thanksgiving this year, princess, welcome to the fold.

reesewitherspoon I KNEW IT!! Oh my goodness congratulations!!!! Auntie Reese can't wait!

woodyharrelson One good-looking, foul-mouthed kid, coming right up!

bpapandrea44 CONGRATULATIONS!!!

iammaasante Blessings upon blessings to you, darling xx

ava I see a picture of a very lucky child. Yes!!

paulfeig Blessed be your fruit, sweet girl. Congratulations to you both.

nph It's mine.

sophiet yes mama!! can't wait to squish that little nugget.

joelkinnaman Congratulations, E+H!

emmafreud Oh my darlingest darling, so incredibly happy for you x

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