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elizabethalton Talk about a #TBT! One year ago today we announced Full And By Films. Feeling immense gratitute for the people on this journey with me, and for all of you for your support and love over the last year. We are not unaware of some of the feelings out there about work we have recently announced, and are grateful for the thoughtful criticism; my hope is that through our work we can prove to you the choices we made were in good faith, with diverse and inclusive and illuminating storytelling by talented people as our primary goal, and continue to have these tough but important conversations moving forward. Please know that we have heard you, we are listening, and we want to learn more. We can't wait to show you what we've been working on, and hope you enjoy it when it comes. xx E

P.S. Wow, thank you for the sweet comments about my investiture today! Not necessary, but very kind. It was incredibly personal and I'm a little shy and won't be sharing pictures here, but for those of you asking (since it's always more fun to talk fashion)... my dress was @stellamccartney, hat by @jtmillinery, shoes are @gianvitorossi, earrings and ring are vintage (my grandmother's), and in the images from outside the jacket is @balmain. Thank you @earlsimms2 for my princess hair. Also, sadly for you only one of my nephews (@richardga) is single, but we're accepting applications to date him, make them good.

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mel_todd_11__ stop talking, start doing, maybe then people will stop riding your lilywhite ass for being a phony feminot.

pgoweralton ALWAYS so proud to be related to you, mummy sent me pictures and you looked beautiful today xxx

eevee222 I was seriously half expecting you to show up to the palace as an utter copy-Kate, thank god for small miracles.

p.k.kandle I'm not trying to be rude but you clearly have NOT been listening if you thought it was a good idea to announce a ripoff of Hidden Figures with white women right after they won the SAG award, your PR team needs to get itself together because I'm sure you meant well but you lost a lot of us by doing that and then acting like it's a "learning experience" rather than erasure.

dnmenc @mel_todd_11__ AMEN GIRL AMEN, and @elizabethalton if you're actually reading this trust me i really want to like you, i wouldn't be in this stupid post if i didn't, but all your talk of gratitude and shit means nothing unless you back it up so get stepping

kelloggcookk I don't care what the haters say, you're an inspiration!!

jjwatson #WRECKONING #NEVER4GET #Justice4TheKardashians #Justice4CommonCunts

edgalton So proud of you I could cry (and did, when you and Queen E weren't looking). Send me the apps to date Richie, I'll vet 'em x

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